Individual Counselling

Individual counselling sessions are charged at £35 per session in person and £30 per session online or by phone. These are 50 minutes in duration, and we offer daytime, evenings and Saturday and Sunday appointments to fit in with your lifestyle.

The number of sessions you may require varies from individual to individual. This may range from an average of 6-10 sessions, to some clients needing only 2-4 sessions, and yet other clients may require a longer term approach. This will always be your decision and remains in your control, and I will always discuss your requirements in depth with you. Honesty and integrity are essential in the way that I work.

Couples & Relationship Counselling

Couples sessions are charged at £40 per session for 1 hour duration. Please email me to discuss 6 and 10 session package options.


Please don’t wait another day. I’m ready to help you.

Addison Cooper
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